Software for harvest and transport planning of oil palm fruit and web application for editing, viewing, and running reports on data collected by mobile users.

Android application for data entry of fruit count, fruit quality, and transport.

  • Input info on who collected, where collected, how many fruit collected, and quality of fruit collected

  • Input info on the transport of fruit by truck: drivers, where from, amount fruit


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Field service application for reporting on plantation work.

 Improves data collection and operational efficiency

 Use of GPS location coordinates for verification of employee reported data.

 Use of photo capture for additional verification of harvest information

 Use of barcode reader to reduce data entry errors.

All data stored locally on device and uploaded dialy.

  • Android mobile application for plantation inspection

  • Report on issues found on plantations as it relates to block, facilities, and infrastructure

  • Input location, description of problem, take photos

  • Track reports of problems, see history for an area

  • Uses GPS for geo-location tagging, camera for photo record of reported problems.

Android mobile application for inspection Report on issues found on plantations as it relates to blok, facilities, and infrastructure