Study Case DSN

Company has plantations in Kalimantan with over 75,000 hectares in active operation, since beginning of 2015, has been using eHarvest at central Kalimantan plantation.

They have seen significant increase in mill production attributed to eHarvest
– Restan (uncollected) report helps identify fruit that normally would have been lost
– Photos help reduce cheating on reports

They see their operations being more efficient
Data collection is faster, more complete, and more accurate. Information in hours versus weeks
Daily reports on harvest gives management more timely information to make better decisions

Study case TAP

Company has plantations in Kalimantan and Sumatra with over 70,000 hectares in active operation
Has been using eHarvest since 2013 and using eInspection since 2014
Has significant improvement in operations efficiency leading to cost savings